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Dr. Giovanni Tapang

Graduate Students
Maria Teresa Pulido , M.S.
Josephine Jill Cabatbat, M.S.
Paul Leonard Atchong C. Hilario, M.S.
Michael Castañares
Mar Philip Elaurza
Aimee Rarugal
Kristine Faith Roque
Ma. Eloisa Ventura
Gabriel Dominik Sison

Undergraduate Students
Aeriel Constantino
Wynn Dunn Gil Improso
Norman Mascariñas
Shar Mae Gayangos
Ma. Christina Jamerlan
Pamela Anne Pasion
Roland Albert Romero
Albert Yumol  


Optics and Photonics
We develop and construct advanced microscope systems for rapid and non-invasive characterization of various systems ranging from semiconductor devices to biological systems. We are also interested in the application of recent advances in optical technology to various instrumentation research ventures. In particular, we manipulate the phase, amplitude, and polarization state of light, and use the generated three-dimensional fields for various applications in optical microscopy, ranging from multiple beam optical trapping, micro-fabrication via nonlinear photo-polymerization, complex field coupling to advanced optical waveguides coupling for fiber sensors, among others.

Interacting elements in various systems communicate and exhibit collective behavior for efficient functioning. Our group looks into the adjustment of the rhythms of natural and artificial systems due even if the interaction is weak or even below the detectable threshold. Current research thrusts of the group include noise induced pattern formation, spatial mode, time series analysis, particle tracking, transverse stability and synchronization of spatial modules in semiconductor lasers. Our group also looks into patterns and synchronization in historical records, literature and real signals.

Recent Publications
  • Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, Mark Jayson Villangca, and Giovanni Tapang, Independent light fields generated using a phase-only spatial light modulator, Optics Letters 39(7), 2036-2039 (2014). [DOI:10.1364/OL.39.002036]
  • Josephine Jill T. Cabatbat, Jica P. Monsanto, and Giovanni A. Tapang, Preserved network metrics across translated texts, International Journal of Modern Physics C(available online Sept. 2013, [DOI:10.1142/S0129183113500927]). 
  • Josephine Jill T Cabatbat and Giovanni A Tapang, Texting Styles and Information Change of SMS Text Messages in Filipino, International Journal of Modern Physics C24(2), 1350002 (2013). [DOI:10.1142/S0129183113500022]. 
  • Ranzivelle Marianne Roxas-Villanueva, Maelori Krista Nambatac, and Giovanni Tapang, Characterizing English poetic style using complex networks, International Journal of Modern Physics C 23(2), 1250009 (2012). [DOI:10.1142/S012918311250009X]. 
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] Percival Almoro, Wilson Garcia, and Caesar Saloma, Pulsed Full-Color Digital Holography with a Raman Shifter, In: Holography, Research and Technologies (Joseph Rosen, ed., 2011). 
  • [CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS] Giovanni A. Tapang and Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, Three-dimensional simulation of photopolymerization dynamics under broadband excitation, Frontiers in Optics (General Optical Design and Instrumentation I, FWS), San Jose, California United States (16-20 October 2011) . 
  • [CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS] Mark Jayson Villangca, Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, and Giovanni A. Tapang, Three-dimensional light modulation using a piecewise implementation of the Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm, Frontiers in Optics (Three-Dimensional Structure Design, Fabrication, and Nanopatterning III, FTuAA), San Jose, California United States (16-20 October 2011).