New IPL papers (2015)
From the IPL Coordinator 

Dear IPL, 

I am pleased to announce the acceptance of the following papers from IPL authors: 

R.C. Batac, Statistical properties of the immediate aftershocks of the 15 October 2013 magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Bohol, Philippines, accepted for publication in Acta Geophysica
[Notes: Dr. Batac is a PhD Faculty of the IPL. The journal impact factor is 1.365 (2013).] 

C. Saloma, G.J. Perez, C.A. Gavile, J.J. Ick-Joson, and C. Palmes-Saloma, Prior individual training and self-organized queuing during group emergency escape of mice from water pool, accepted for publication in PLoS ONE (2015). 
[Notes: Prof. Saloma is the head of the IPL. GJP is a graduate of the IPL who is now with IESMCG, JJIJ and CPS are with NIMBB. The journal impact factor is 3.534 (2013).] 

James Christopher S. Pang and Johnrob Y. Bantang, Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons With Defective and Blocked Ion Channels, to be published in International Journal of Modern Physics C (2015).
[Notes: Dr. Bantang is a PhD Faculty of the IPL. JCSP finished his MS Physics in IPL and will continue his PhD studies in Australia. The journal impact factor is 1.125 (2013).] 


Dr. Johnrob Y. Bantang