From the IPL Coordinator: IPL Organizational Meeting and Open House, 11 August 2014 
Dear Instru: 

Good day! 

A. To formally start the semester, we will be having an #Organizational Meeting (2:30-4:00 pm) this coming Monday (11 August 2014) to discuss the following: 
  1. Schedule of activities 
  2. Tasks and assignments 

B. This coming Monday will also be having an #Open House for the Lab.  The @BS5 and @MS students will be responsible in welcoming them properly and explain to them the research endeavors of the lab including the major projects that we have. This is organized courtesy of Dr. Batac and the BS5 and MS students.

@Everyone: Please make sure to keep an eye to the equipment and loose things in the lab during possible.

@BS5 and @MS students, please make sure that discussions and talks will be limited to the Common Area to ensure security.

@IPL Staff: Kindly provide our MS and BS5 students your available slides, videos, pictures and other interesting media files that can be used for this purpose. They will compile them for Monday.

Thank you very much. 

Dr. Johnrob Bantang 
IPL Coordinator