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One-Handed Models


Dolmetsch One-Handed Recorder

Dolmetsch model for the right hand

The Dolmetsch company has been making customized recorders since the 1930’s and they currently sell one-handed recorders made of rosewood.  They have models for the right hand and the left hand.  With the use of keys, it is possible for the player to play the full range of the instrument.

Watch Peter Worrell demonstrate the Alto one-handed model. Peter adds keys to the Dolmetsch instruments and creates customized instruments for interested clients.

You can find one-handed soprano, alto, and tenor recorders made of rosewood here.

Mollenhauer One-Handed Recorder
Mollenhauer also makes one-handed recorders for both left and right handed players.  (Model Numbers 1042 EL and 1042 ER)

Yamaha One-Handed Recorder

This Yamaha recorder has no open holes, and the player's hand goes on the top half of the recorder.  The mouthpiece appears to be plastic.  $290 + shipping