TOP CCTV is Superstore and Wholesale source for full
range of CCTV cameras, DVR's and surveillance products.


Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, is used to enhance safety and detect crime. It is increasingly recognised as an effective way to provide surveillance for your premises 24/7. 



We offer Complete Video Recording Packages to
Stop Your Profits From Walking Out the Door!

An Investment in Business Management Video Will
Reduce Your Loses and Increase Productivity.





• Home / business CCTV equipments
• Customised CCTV system for your industry
• Audio/Video Surivellance systems
• Intercom & Biometric Access control
• Intellegent Security & Video Analytics
• Automatic License Plate Recognition System
• Visual Automation
• Wireless Systems
• Spy & Covert gears
• Vehicle mobile DVR system
• Solutions & System integrations
• And many more... 



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We offer Replacement Guarantee for all our products. NOT those Time Wasting Manufacturer or Factory Guarantee which keep you waiting until the item got exchanged or repaired from oversea's Manufacturer.
We are Verified Online Seller with buyer Protection Programme + supplied over 1000 Business and Families with Top Quality Products to give you 100% Confidence buying from us.