Legislative professionalization and Production

Original Name: Profissionalização, Carreira Política e Produção Legislativa

Description: This research is unprecedented compared to investigate the impact of professionalization and institutionalization of the legislature in the Brazilian states, both in the decisions of the parliamentary political career, as well as in legislative output. In other words, we seek with this research agenda examining the role that a professionalized legislature would stabilize the pattern of political and electoral career of parliamentarians, as well as in profile and involvement of parliamentarians in legislative production in the period extending from the first election after re-democratization (1986) until the last parliamentary elections in October 2010.

Students Involved: Undergraduate: (2) / Academic Masters (1) / Doctor: (2).

Members: Carlos Eduardo Ferreira Pereira Filho - Coordenador.

Financier(s): Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico - Bolsa