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Carlos Pereira is a Full Professor in the Brazilian School of Administration – EBAPE at Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Rio de Janeiro. Recently he was Edward Laroque Tinker Visiting Professor at Stanford University (Fall 2017). He was also a Visiting Scholar at Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, a Visiting Fellow at Brookings Institution, and a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. He was Assistant Professor in the department of political science at Michigan State University and Professor of the São Paulo School of Economics at FGV. He also worked as a visiting professor of the department of economics at the University of São Paulo-USP and in the department of politics at Colby College. In addition, he worked as associate researcher at Oswald Cruz Foundation-Fiocruz and Candido Mendes University-UCAM. Moreover, he has been involved in many consultancy and research projects with interdisciplinary research teams at the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Department for International Development DFID/UK, Coperación Andina de Fomento – CAF etc.

His main research expertise is political institutions and positive political economy in comparative perspective. He has studied the effect of political institutions on public policy outcomes; development, budgetary policies; theory of regulation and regulatory governance; executive-legislative relationships; coalition management; and legislative organization in comparative perspective. I have also investigated voters’ behavior with regard to corruption information released by anti-corruption organizations, and the effect of political institutions of economic growth in comparative perspective. His research also includes the application of formal theory, qualitative and quantitative methods to comparative political institutions and public policies.

His work has led to articles published in several refereed journals such as Journal of Politics, Journal of Democracy, Comparative Political Studies, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Political Research Quarterly, Governance, Electoral Studies, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Legislative Studies, Journal of Latin American Studies, Latin American Politics and Society, and Journal of Politics in Latin America, Journal of Comparative Economics.

In addition, He has recently published a coauthored book Brazil in Transition: Beliefs, Leadership, and Institutional Change, with Lee Alston, Marcus Melo and Bernardo Mueller (2016), Princeton: Princeton University Press. He also has another coauthored book with Marcus Melo, Making Brazil Work: Checking the President in a Multiparty System New York: Palgrave-McMillan (2013). Finally, he has another co-authored book, Regulatory Governance in Infrastructure Industries (Trends and Public Policy Options No. 3 - The World Bank).