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I-Open  is a nonprofit spin-out from Case Western Reserve University.  The founders of I-Open worked for the Center for Regional Economic Issues (REI).  To explore new opportunities in Northeast Ohio, the founders conducted weekly civic forums, called Tuesdays@REI.

These forums explored the many different opportunities for economic and workforce development in northeast Ohio, a region spanning 22 counties and including over 4 million people. 

These forums, held at the Weatherhead School of Business, attracted a diverse audience of people and exploring such topics as the role of early child care in economic development, emerging business opportunities in creative digital media, and entrepreneurial opportunities in clean energy.

When the Weatherhead School of Business decided to close REI, the founders of I-Open continued their work under their new nonprofit.

In the years since, I-Open has continued its work in Northeast Ohio and expanded its ties outside the region. I-Open regularly sponsored Midtown Brews and the Women's Enterprise Network in Cleveland from 2006-2009.

I-Open's work in Northeast Ohio has inspired groups in South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana and elsewhere to launch civic forums with names such as Evenings@The House; Third Thursday at 3; and Fridays at the Corridor.