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Memorandum of Educational Intent

Humans are one of millions of species on a planet called Earth. Our survival as a species depends on us; it depends on our ability to learn and benefit from one another and the information we have gathered in our “previous lives”. Our ancestors have gathered a wealth of data for us to use and benefit and build from.

We live individually for such a short span of time that nothing is more important to us than our children. They are our future. They are everything we will become. They are all we will ever be. They are us.

This is why we need BaSED Education-- to pass on the knowledge we have obtained. All progress is built upon the shoulders of giants. We have a compilation of knowledge that is today so vast we already need DATA specialists to cross reference it all to avoid redundancy. We need a generation of people who are prepared for the role of combining biology, astronomy, science and evolution as one data set.

This is what BaSED Education hopes to achieve. It is our intent to train the next generation of humans to the peak of scientific literacy so that we are able to take advantage of all of the benefits we could possibly reap.

Governments and nations come and go through out the history of man. Today you are in more control of your children's future than ever before. Choose to give them knowledge you are able to pass on to them and it will benefit them more than you know. With a school system BaSED on scientific method and data we can lead our children to the truth.

What is BaSED Education?

Biology Astronomy Science Evolution Data

We will use these five subjects to build a curriculum

that encompasses what we passionately think children need in today's world

to survive and thrive in the universe around them.

-Rev James

Biology. To intimately and passionately understand the inter-workings of mankind’s mechanics which are buried deep within the biology of our DNA. The core of our understanding of ourselves and every living organism around us. This is how the chemical and physical world works. The stuff we are made of. Our immediate nearby universe of the very small that make up us.

Astronomy. Our microscope to the universe. To see whats out there and how it works. From optical, radio or infrared we are observing our own backyard for the first time. A place that seems old to us has only just begun to peer over the hill. From asteroid detection to learning how the universe was created. Astrophysics is our ability to peer through the bedroom window and see what lies across the street. It’s time to meet the neighbors. Our looking glass into whats around us and what is at the core of all existence. Our view of the universe on the very large.

Science. As CERN breaks down the fundamental elements and we are able to see and manipulate atoms, only more knowledge is left in our wake. To provide students with the knowledge of the fundamental collective science of the universe. All truths of understanding are stored within the formation of all things. From quantum mechanics, biology, astrophysics, geology to evolution, the finger print of all things exist. Self knowledge is the definite tool of mankind. How everything is put together.

Evolution. Where we evolved from will give us an insight to our ability of understanding. To be more than we are we need to know where we came from. To understand all the life around us we need to understand the relationships. We live in a symbiotic relationship with the organisms around us. To not understand it and take advantage of it is detrimental to ourselves. We use evolution as a tool. That tool has already spread to mankind thanks to CRISPR.

Data. How to see everything. The proper placement of files cross referenced. Redundancy is a waste of time all the while new discoveries need to be logged. We have entered the information age. Is your child ready? The library of Alexandria has been replaced by the internet. It's time to look 10, 20, 50 or 100 years into the future if you are taking your child's future seriously. There is only our one life time to invest. That's why BASED Education needs to exist.

I can't do this alone. I need your help. I need board members, facilities, staff and a budget. This is where you come in. I need you to help however you can. If you can donate property or equipment. If you can donate your time or all you can do is a few dollars. What we want for our children's future won't happen if we don't make it happen ourselves. By creating our own private school system that is BaSED on teaching the truth. Locally or globally it all starts with you.

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