Institute of Global Dynamic Systems, Canberra ACT, AUSTRALIA


Executive Director

Institute Objectives
 The Institute of Global Dynamic Systems (IGDS) is the organisational outcome of a long-term research programme concerned with dynamic living systems. This research programme on the dynamics of life in general and human society in particular has been conducted by Professor Graeme Snooks since the 1960s with the aim of developing a body of realist economic, social, political, psychological, and biological theory to explain humanity’s past and present, as well as to predict the future.
This realist theory is concerned with the rise and fall of societies, species, and entire animal dynasties; with the emergence and development of the selfcreating mind; with the development and role of human institutions and organizations of an economic, social, and political kind; with the emergence and role of religion in human history; with the truth about climate change and the real (dynamic) impact of climate mitigation; with the dangers of blindly following ideas rather than materialist desires; with the future technological revolution and its impact on the developing world; and with the deep future of humanity on Earth and in the Solar sys

 Institute Executive Director

Professor Graeme Donald Snooks, PhD––foundation Timothy Coghlan Professor (1989–2010), Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University. The work and publications of Graeme Snooks can be found at the following internet site: [homepage link]