Welcome to the Institute for Global Innovation, the worldwide NGO devoted to helping the planet efficiently, quickly, and enjoyably, in the context of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  IGI brings together companies, non-profits, academia, and individuals in the service of the Greater Good.  It is a co-creation of Global Action 17, Friends beyond Borders, and the World Mind Network, whose Board of Trustees includes six Nobel Laureates:Rudolph Marus, Peter Dougherty, Richard Ernst, Barry Sharpless, Edmund Phelps, and Leon Lederman.

  The Institute furthers progress towards the Goals by presenting Awards to innovators in eight categories:

                                                                           Neural Networks
                                                                            Virtual Reality
                                                                          Smartphone Apps
                                                                          Swarm Intelligence
                                                                          Augmented Reality
                                                                            Mind Mapping
                                                                          Cloud Technology

  Unlike traditional award protocols, the Institute stays involved with the winners for as long as is feasible.  We screen successful proposals through committees at Oxford, Stanford, Princeton, and Cambridge, and where necessary assist participants in finding appropriate startup incubators, accelerators,  Venture Capital firms, and crowdfunding platforms.  The overarching goal is to create an efficient worldwide apparatus for finding, developing, funding, and publicizing the best new technologies for attaining the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

  Previous winners include students and staff at King's College, Cambridge, for developing Mind Maps devoted to evaluating the best Carbon Capture protocols, and TradeAID in Ghana, a Fair Trade Federation Cooperative which provides empowers local women who make and market traditional West African handicrafts.

  The Institute is always interested in new partnerships with organizations which share our goals.  We seek to inspire individuals and groups by promoting and improving upon the thousands of unheralded projects around the world which deserve support.  

  To find out more contact us at globalaction17@gmail.com