If you an instructor/teacher and are currently or are considering teaching the Revit software and would like to receive a review/exam copy of one or both Revit books, please send an email to
You may also have access to the Video Tutorials. I will need your email address associated with a Google Account to grant access.
Please include the following information in the email:
  • Your name
  • Name and website of University, College, or High School
  • Your position (please include a link to your instructor page if available)
  • Subjects/classes taught
  • Mailing address (school addresses only, please)
  • Email address associated with Google Account (for Video Tutorial access)
Also, if you are interested in obtaining a copies of the syllabus, weekly schedules, multiple choice exams, and performance tests that I use with my Introduction to Revit course, please let me know.

Dave Martin

Note: Please be assured that I will not sell your information for marketing purposes. Your privacy is important to me.