Roku Setup Installation Support

Roku is a market leader in providing streaming for the smart televisions. Roku streaming players gives the users of smart TVs as well as Roku TVs, an ultimate streaming experience. All you need to do is connect them to the internet, create a Roku account, and experience advanced streaming. In short, it is a more convenient and affordable way to watch television. To avail Roku products, you need to install Roku setup on your from

Steps to install Roku Setup

1. Connect your Roku device to the television and wait until the light blinks

2. Now, press OK button on your television remote

3. Roku logo will appear on the screen

4. Once you see the logo, press OK

a. You might need to pair your Roku remote to the Roku streaming device

5. Now, choose the preferred language and press Continue to proceed

6. Choose your Wi-Fi network in order to connect with your Roku streaming device

7. Press OK followed by entering the Wi-Fi password

8. Press OK

9. Once the wireless connection establishes, update your Roku streaming player to access the latest software

10. The Roku player will restart automatically

11. Now, visit and enter the code displayed on your TV screen

While installing setup for Roku, if an error occurs then call Roku customer support number and avail instant support services from an expert.

How to set up your Roku device?

Be it a streaming player, TV or any other Roku product, all of them are quite simple to use and set-up. These devices come up with exciting features and a remote to access all those features. With Roku devices, you can have an immediate access to more than 500,000 movies as well as television series. In addition, you can also avail:

  • Free content via the Roku channels (CW, ABC, YouTube, etc.)

  • Hollywood movies through different channels

  • Live TV and sports through a number of subscription channels

  • Genuine content, upcoming TV shows, and movies

To set up your device, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on your Roku device

  2. Connect it to the internet

  3. Create a Roku account

  4. Activate your Roku device

(Important: For connecting all the Roku streaming players to your television, you will require an HDMI cable.)

After you connect, you need to install Roku setup on your television in order to access all the Roku’s amazing services.