You will not love a neighbor who is a nightmare for you. In the same way you won’t want to be one either. Thus, in order to maintain a good relationship with your neighbor there are different ways and among them maintaining the fence etiquettes is also most important.

Most of the time you will find that you are angry with your neighbor just because they have fenced their yard without discussing with you, they never cared that whether fencing in the way they have done can diminish the aesthetic look of your home! Hopefully you will not try to do something and ensure that you maintain the same relationship even after you have installed a fence.

Define your property lines

The first and most important things that must be considered by you are the property line. It is one of the most common reasons of friction with your neighbor. Do not let it start, instead check your property papers and identify the area that belongs to you. If you have lost the paper then you can contact your local county’s record office.

You must show your fence contractor the total area that belongs to you so that they can definitely define it in a better way. Once done talk with your neighbor andask them if they agree with the fact. You can avoid a lot of misunderstanding that mayhappen in future.

Discuss the matter with your neighbor

This is true that when you are fencing your yard within your boundary then why should you talk with your neighbor?

You cannot do so as it is not compulsory, but remember that there is no harm in discussing. It is a courtesy and it will save you from any future problem. Your neighbor can never claim that they were unaware of the fact that you are fencing.

Apart from that it may happen that your neighbor too is planning to fence their part. In that case you can spilt the cost of common fence. That will save you some money.

Face the good side towards your neighbor

Most of the fences that the fence contractor installs have a ‘good side.’ That is one of the side has smoother surface than the other. It must face your neighbor. You should be thinking why?

This is because it is a common trend that you install the good side outside so that the world sees the good. You should do that to your neighbor too. Let them see the better side.

Yes, you can have fences that have both the sides looking good. Then there will be no problem as which side will be better.

Keep our fence maintained

It is also necessary that you maintain the fence. It’s true that you will try to maintain your fence so that the aesthetic value so kept intact, but sometimes you may lack it. Your neighbor will not love looking at an ill maintained fence. So, maintain your fence so that it last long and you keep your neighbor happy.

Best way for you that How to Buy Vinyl Fencing

Which Fence Is Better, Wood Or Vinyl?

Thinking of fencing your yard? Apart from a lot of things that must be decided by you before you get your yard fenced; you have also to decide the material that will be sued for fencing.  If you do not consider the material you will not be able to let your fence contractor know which material is better for your site.

Now, whether you are trying to choose fence for swimming pool or back yard you have two common materials in hand, they are Vinyl or wood. This discussion will help you take the right decision based upon certain criterion.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are common nowadays for installing at your home. They are available in different colors like grey, white, tan or wood grain. Whether you are looking for vinyl picket fences or privacy fences you will not need your fence contractor to color the fence.

In order to remove the dust and dirt that accumulates over the fence you can simply wash the fence. You do not have tow ah them severely; simple cleaning will do the magic.  They are not home to any termites and there are least chances that they will rot. You can also wash the mild dew and mold easily.

The cost of vinyl fencing may be a bit more than other options available but they are durable. Moreover, they do not need much maintenance. You can get them in different style like post and rail, lattice panels, pergolas, arbors and other decorative vinyl fences.

However, one problem with them is that they are not recommended for being used in all areas. The application of vinyl fences is somewhat restricted.

Wooden Fence

Traditional wooden fence made up of cedar wood has eternal beauty that is unmatched. The popularity of this material for fencing is because they have classic look, are durable and strong too.

The beauty of wooden fence lies in the fact that you can cut the wood in different shapes and arrange them accordingly. They ate much more versatile compared to vinyl fence. As you can sand the cedar wood fence and stain them you have unlimited choice of colors for coloring your fence.

It is true that wooden fence are prone to get rotten and they need much maintenance but the appeal that they provide to our yard is unmatched. If you are ready to take the responsibility of maintenance of the wooden fence then you can always get the best looking fence at your yard. And even you can design your own fence!

However, if you want to have wooden fence but cannot handle the maintenance, ask your fence contractor to provide maintenance service. They will power wash your fence that will help in cleaning the dust and dirt.

There are many other materials too for fencing but these two are the most common ones. If you wish to get your yard fenced you can choose any one among these. Consider your budget, time that you can spend and the climate of the place where you are residing before you choose the fence material. 

Various Kinds of Dog Fences to Keep Your Dog Safe

Being a dog lover you will always see to that your dog is getting the best environment to live in. they can play in your yard when they want apart from staying inside as dog loves to play in open air. However, the problem arises when they cross your boundaries and start disturbing your neighbors.

As a good neighbor you will always try to see that your neighbor do not face any problem from your dog. Hence, it is necessary that you install a dog fence for your dog which will limit the movement of your dog within your yard.

When you are about to choose a fence for your dog you will get a number of options from your fence contractor. You have to decide which one will be best based on your budget and the size of your dog.

Here are the different types of dig fences that should be offered by you fence contractor.

Wooden Fences

These are one of the most common and the costliest among the different types of dog fences. They stop intruders as well as dogs from getting free access to and fro your yard. If you install a fence of 6 feet in height it will be good enough to stop a large dog from jumping outside.

However, the problem with wooden fence is that they need too much maintenance. Moreover, after you install them they will block your view totally.

Chain Link Fences

If you are looking for something durable, chain link fences are good option. They are very long lasting as these fences consist of a heavy chain link attached with the posts. These chain links are made up of metal wire. Although they may be expensive yet they can withstand wear and tear and keep intruders out.

Picket Fences

These fences are very beautiful and also act as a good restrain for your dog. They are made up of wood but do not stop the view completely and at the same time they provide a solid boundary for your dog. However, the problem is that you cannot stop small animals to pass through them and intruders can put things through the openings.

Snow Fences

You must have seen pieces of wire mesh that is attached to a row of posts. They are cheaper option and are good in keeping even small intruders away. The problem with this type of fence is that they are not at all durable.

Invisible Fences

You can get a invisible fence by installing a electric wire underground and putting the receiver on the collar of your dog. To limit the boundary of the dog you can put the electric wire underground. The total perimeter thus defined is the boundary of the dog.

When the dog comes closer to the boundary there will be a signal in its collar and the dog will get a mild electric shock! Thus, it will be restrained within the boundary.

However, the problem with such fence is that intruders can take the collar ad they are not stopped. Moreover, if your dog sees something attractive they may ignore the mild electric shock! 

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