Touchpad troubles on the laptop

Today, I installed Ubuntu 11.10 in my HP Compaq nx 6110 and rebooted my laptop. For a moment I thought it froze, but then I realized its a cursor which is not moving. I searched the internet and found out that the same problem was found in many laptops including HP, Dell and Sony. 

How do we get the touchpad to work again. First of all. Plug in a USB mouse and you can work again.

To make your Touchpad work again, open a terminal (CTRL - ALT - T) and enter:

sudo apt-get install kde-config-touchpad python-pyside.qtcore

Or open Ubuntu Software Center and install “Synaptiks Touchpad Management” and select the Qt4 core module.

A large download will start, because there are a lot of KDE libraries needed for this tool.

Restart your system and then open Dash and launch “Synaptiks”.

After this your touchpad will work very fine. Select the bullet for autostart and make your other choices. Synaptiks manages your touchpad and you can configure your touchpad hardware settings, Scrolling, Cursor Motion and Tapping.