Gnome 3 hacks

Gnome 3 is becoming more and more useful, thanks to the ever growing list of Gnome 3 extensions. On the contrary Ubuntu's Unity is stuck in the past with no sign of any 'user-friendly' customization.

As a result,I have been using Gnome 3 exclusively on Ubuntu 11.10.

Muktware payed attention to 5 interesting Gnome3 hacks. I replicated them here.

In Gnome 3, there is no bottom panel and the default 'Favorite' bar is decent but needs you to go in to overlay mode to access open windows. So, you may want quick access to the apps added to the favorite bar. In addition there there is quite a lot of elements on the top panel which you may want to organize.

#5: Move Clock: This extension allows you to move the clock from its centre position to the right side of the top panel. You get the same look & feel as you would get under Gnome 2. This move will make more sense and create free space if you plan to install another extension which will allow you to pin icons of most used apps on the top panel. So, let's get the clock out of the way. [Click To Enable]

#4: Alternative Status Menu: The need for this extension heavily depends on what OS you are using. If you are using Ubuntu or Fedora then you may need this extension as there is no 'shutdown' button in these two OSes. This extension adds suspend/hibertnate and shutdown button to the system menu. [click to enable]

#3: Frippery Application Menu: This I think is one of the coolest extensions which brings back the easy drop-down menu of Gnome 2. This extension replaces the Activities button on the top left corner; that button doesn't do much either way. Once you enable the Application Menu extension you will be able to open any application using the good old and familiar menu. There is more, you can still use Activities, when you take your mouse to to the top left holy corner, you can still trigger and open the 'dash' of Gnome 3 Shell and use it as usual. So, in a nutshell best of both worlds. [Click To Enable]

#2: Frippery Panel Favourites: This is one of the most useful extensions of all. Under Gnome 3 Shell the only way to open applications is to take your mouse to the holy left corner and wait for the 'Favourite' bar to appear showing your favourite apps. It's nice but not very comfortable. Nothing beats the simple icon of the app which is always there on the top panel. This panel offers just that. It simply adds the 'favourite' apps to the top panel so that you can easily access them. To add an app to the top panel, just add them to the 'favourite' bar that appears on the left side of the screen. [Click To Enable]

#1. Window Icon List: If you are space conscious user person and don't want to add a bottom panel just to switch between running apps then this one is a must have extension. It uses the already available and almost wasted space on the top panel. It just adds the icons of the running apps on the top panel and makes it easier to access and control apps right from the top panel. [Click to enable]

What you don't see is the 'title' of the window. For example if you have two LibreOffice windows open, it will show two icons but there is no way to see the title of the document. The bottom panel on the contrary also shows the title of the window which makes it a bit easier to select the desired windows. It also offers you three options on right click -- close, maximize and restore.