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Install Prey in Ubuntu or Mint

Prey is  a program to use to protect your laptop of smartphone from being used by a thief. It is free to use, but there are also some enhanced features you could use in a paid account. I think these accounts are not cheap, but they offer quite a lot.

A free account gives you the option to install prey on three devices. That's nice, but what if you're dusal booting several os's on one machine:

It's easy. Go to http://www.preyproject.com and download the client for your system and install it. There are windows clients and OSX clients as well.

The installer installs the program and offers you the posibility to make an account. Use your emailaddress and use a strong password.

Then boot into the other OS. install the appropriate client. Now you've got two machines in your account.

The trick is now to give this second OS the same code in prey as the first has. Check te first into your prey account. it should contain 6 characters. Copy this code.

In Ubuntu start a terminal and start nautilus as root

gksu nautilus



and open config with gedit as root (should be automatically from root nautilus)

change the following line:


into your older code and save the file. Now you can delete the second OS entry in your prey configuretion.

In windows the config file is found in c:/prey

After a reboot (or restart of prey) the prey entry works OS independent.