Inspiring Performance Videos


The Totino-Grace Community

"We teach students instead of teaching material"
-Mary Neuman, Faculty Member - English Department

Education at Totino-Grace

"The Faculty at Totino-Grace is like a family for my kids"
-Kathy Delwiche, Parent

Faith, Service, and the Totino-Grace Mission

"Students can get a fine education at many other schools, but when they come to Totino-Grace we not only educate their minds, we are touching their hearts"
-Julie Michels, Principal

The Athletic Facilities at Totino-Grace

"We compete on a level in all of our programs at the very, very highest"
-Dan Vandermyde, Associate Dean of Students

The Fine Arts Facilities at Totino-Grace

"When I was here 18 years ago we had about 50 students and the space was fine. Now we have over 200 students and we do not fit"
-Terry Voss, Faculty Member - Choral Music

Your Investment in Totino-Grace High School

"People talk highly about young people, but to really invest in them is a mark of trusting and believing in them"
-Mike Shimek, Faculty Member - Religion Department