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In conversation with Computing News editorial director Stuart Sumner

Computing Cloud & Infrastructure Summit

Teach Meet Tech London 2
An inspireNshare Education Fusion event

Top social media ranking for inspireNshare 
InspireNshare's Martin King was announced as one of the most influential professionals in the UK further education (FE) and skills sector.  More information

I joined Innovation Insurgent Jorge Barba and Ryan Michael Ballow (creator of the Nootropic "Cortex") at Game-Changer to talk some more about nootropics or so called "smart drugs"

Game-Changer Discussion
I joined Innovation Insurgent Jorge Barba at Game-Changer in a recorded video conference to talk about nootropics or so called "smart drugs"

Teach Meet Tech London
An inspireNshare Network Fusion event

Enterprise Cloud Computing Conference December 2015
Speaker:  "Cloud: What come Net?"

Warwickshire College Group
Presentation "Exponential - The Past Present & Future of IT"

Smartex: Higher Education Smart Campus Association 2015
Presentation "Artificial Intelligence And The Smart Campus"

Cloud World Forum 2015
Employee Experience Theatre Panelist 
"Capitalising on New Technologies: Discussing the Future of Cloud, AI, Robotics, Anticipatory Computing & Wearables" 
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London Technology Week 2015 
Interop Keynote "The Network is Our Computer"
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Ovum Future Edtech 2015 Advisory Board and Speaker panel

Member of Ovum’s Faculty of Thought Leaders and Innovators

Panelist: “The Internet of Everything”

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The Inquirer Tech Hero Awards 2015

Shortlisted For “Best IT Worker”

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Enterprise Cloud Computing Conference March 2015

Speaker: “The Inconvenient Truths About The Cloud .. Strategy, Technology & culture”

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City & Guilds Online Debate on Assessment 2015

Discussion: What if assessment was designed around me?

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Cloud Expo Europe 2015

Speaker “Cloud what comes next”

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Interview with The Stack 2015

Article: "Peer into the future: how the mesh is set to be the new cloud"

JISC London Technical Forum

Presentation "Strategy as a little black Dress"

Ovum Future of Work Summit 2014

Panelist: Industry Leaders - The Future of Work

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Cloud\Apps World 2014

Featured speaker & Panelist: Unlocking the business value of integrating data into the cloud


V3 CIOs Debate on Digital Business 2014

Event: Adapt and readapt- How to overhaul your business for the digital era

The Inquirer Online Debate: Mobile, BYOD & Security 2014

Does the rise of BYOD and mobile devices mean we lose control of security?

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Interview with V3 Hot Seat 2014


Cloud World Forum 2014

Keynote Theatre Speaker “Cloud: What Comes Next”

Keynote Panelist “What new services are driving the future of Cloud?”

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157 Group: The Leadership Conversation 2014

Interview - Looking ahead

The Inquirer and Intel Internet of Things Roundtable 2014

Panelist: “IoT event discusses how internet-connected devices can thrive”

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Google for Work Blog

“Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College connects 21,000 students to the world with Google for Education”

Janet Networkshop 42  2014

JANET 30th Anniversary - Keynote speaker: “JANET: What Comes Net”

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JISC RSC London: Janet Briefing Day 2014

Speaker: “JANET: What Comes Net”

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British Council: “Technology & Connected Learning” 2014

Event organiser, speaker and host

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BETT 2014:

Speaker  “Google Apps for Education - More Inconvenient Truths”


JISC London Technical Forum: Google Apps Day 2013

Presentation "Google Education: More Inconvenient Truths"

Future of Technology in Education 2013

Keynote speaker “Revolution Include me”

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JISC - Google Apps Framework Press Conference 2013

CIO Panel

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JISC RSC London eFactor 2013

Presentation "The Psychology of Motivation"

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JANET Networkshop 2013

Presentation "The Changing Role Of The Network Manager"

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CILIP Academic and Research Libraries Group AGM 2012

Presentation "Web safety For Rapunzel"

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JISC London Technical Forum: Google Apps Day 2012

Presentation "Google Education: The Inconvenient Truths"

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Future of Technology in Education 2011

Speaker 140 challenge “Education: Flipping Naked”


Comment - “This Martin King Guy Rocks ~ Tony Maloney

"Mobile Learning Symposium" 2011

Presentation "Mobile Learning Strategies – Naked and Unplugged."

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London Educamp Unconference 2010

UnSession: "Identity"

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