"Cruising on a super highway" (March 1996)

Colleges are finding co-operation is the key to using the Net. Harvey McGavin reports

Hammersmith and West London College has already done so, clubbing together with six other FE institutions in the capital. Their start-up costs were around £50,000 each and they were helped by the University of London and the Government's Competitiveness Fund.

Sue O'Halloran, assistant principal at West London and Hammersmith, says they are only beginning to realise its potential uses. Shared courses delivered via the common link and new forms of distance learning are just two schemes in the pipeline.

"Everybody is very interested but they are unfamiliar with the Internet. We are developing curriculum materials and assignments to help them learn about it. It is expensive but we felt that it's an area we want to develop. Information technology is going to have more and more of an impact on the way people learn."

FE article | Published in TES Newspaper on 8 March, 1996 | By: Harvey McGavin
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With the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) Martin King designed the architecture and support structure that enabled six London FE colleges to connect at network level to the Internet. The support structure for this project became the JISC RSC (Regional Support Centre).