Free Education        #HEFE .... Hack Education For Everyone

We learn all the time - through our actions and experiences and through communication - from dialogue with others and from others’ monologue - watching, listening and reading what others have to show and tell.

Education has become confused with formal Education Systems and the complications of their specific politics, institutions, resources and technologies. 

Education is a broad concept that overlaps all of our learning which involves other people 

The inspireNshare Free Education project aims to Free Education:

* To free our thinking about what education is and how we do it .
* To provide opportunities for people to inspire and share their free education stories, ideas, resources, tools and tips.

The Free Education project is recording teacher & practitioner voices talking about education and the free education tools they use.

You can record a video on Youtube and give link or get in touch to record a short chat.

If you would like to Free Education please get in touch 

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