First FE College to self fund a 1Gbps Internet connection - June 2010

"supporting around 20,000 staff and students. Its network and IT systems have expanded rapidly over recent years, to take into account organisational growth as well as an increased user demand

The college has already invested heavily in its infrastructure with a strategic plan to move towards an ‘open’ model with Google, a significant partner through the delivery of Google Apps and Googlemail, as well as the utilisation of other Open Source and web-based technologies

Martin King, Head of IT Systems at the college, said that after considering trends in education thinking, culture and technology, this investment is part of a direction ‘towards active learning, personalisation, collaboration and participation – to provide “learning without boundaries”. It is an important shift in thinking and investment priority towards connectivity and the use of “the Internet as our computer” to take advantage of the easier, faster and more flexible development opportunities that Internet-based resources often provide.’

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