2. Data Sources

Land Cover

These are the data sources used for the Land Cover data theme:
  • Land_Cover.shp: Poplygon shapefile with the Land Cover.
    • id: integer (Primary Key)
    • CORINEClas: integer (class of the polygon according to CORINE classification system)
    • macroClass: string (textual description of the class)
  • lc_categories: table with the CORINE categories used in the Land Cover.
    • id: integer (Primary Key)
    • id_class: integer (id of the class in the classification system)
    • id_lc_class_system: integer (FK, id of the used classification system).
    • descr_en: string (textual description of the class in English).
    • descr_es: string (textual description of the class in Spanish).
  • lc_class_system: table with the available classification systems. There is just one record with the CORINE classification system.
    • id_lc_class_system: (Primary Key)
    • source: string (name of the classification system)
    • online_description: string (URL of the documentations about the classification system)
    • publicationdate: date
  • land_cover_coverages: table with the list of available land cover coverages. There can be more than one Land Cover coverage, but that possibility would require to store all of the land_cover_coverages in one data source for the mapping to work.
    • id_coverage: integer (PK)
    • desc: string (name of the coverage)
Land Use
These are the data sources used for the Land Use data theme:
  • PLU.shp: Polygon shapefile with the Planed Land Use.
    • id: integer (Primary key)
    • Tipo_src: string (class of the polygon according to the local classification).
    • j_hilucs_c: string (class of the polygon according to HILUCS classificacion)
  • planespacial: table with data referent to the spatial plan which is the source of the Planed Land Use.
    • id: integer (Primary Key)
    • nombre: string (name of the spatial plan)
    • fechaAprobacion: date (date in which the spatial plan was approved)
    • referenciaAprobacion: string (url to the legal document with the approvement)
    • tipoPlan: string (local name of the type of spatial plan)
    • faseAplicacion: string (general indication of the step of the planning process that the plan is undergoing)
    • fechaMapaBase: date (date of the background map)
    • referenciaAMapaBase: string (url of the background map)
    • leyDeReferencia: integer (foreign key that points to the law associated to this spatial plan)
  • planespacial_legislacion: table with data about the legal regulations associated to a Spatial Plan.
    • id: integer (PK)
    • nombrelegislacion: string (name of the regulation)
    • nombrecortolegislacion: string (short name of the regulation)
    • identificadorlegislacion: string (id of the regulation)
    • hreflegislacion: string (URL of the regulation)
    • fechapublicacion: date (date of publication of the regulation)
    • fechaentradaenvigor date (date on which the regulation came into force)
    • fechaderogacion: date (date on which the regulation was repealed)
    • referenciapublicacionoficial: string (URL of the official document where the regulation was published)
    • textoregulacion: text (text of the regulation)
  • planespacial_documentos: table with the documents assocuated to a Spatial Plan.
    • idDocumento: integer (PK)
    • fecha: date 
    • descripcion: string (description of the document)
    • enlace: string (URL of the document)
    • tipo: string (type of the document)
    • estado: string (whether it is a "official" document or a "non official" document)