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What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different?
Award-Winning Films that Make a Difference
In our award-winning Film Kids' program, students work together to create films that spread a positive message to their peers. Our "film kids" create films that offer their perspective on social issues and youth centered concerns.  Our objective is to empower students to change the world one film at a time.
To view one of our Film Kids' shorts, please click on the link below.
Purpose Driven Learning
In order to truly master any academic skill, students need the opportunity to apply the skill in a way that is meaningful to them.  Children and teens need to know that what they are being asked to learn has relevance beyond performance on a test. 
Our students apply academic skills through the filmmaking process. Inspired Minds' educators support students in reading and written language while linking these skills to filmmaking and other drama-based activities. Through this process students see the purpose behind the lesson.  Further, they are able to connect these skills to an activity that is important to them.