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 Then, the cool kindliness of sheets, that soon
Smooth away trouble; and the rough male kiss
Of blankets....
~Rupert Brooke, "The Great Lover,"


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december 27, 2007

text message from bagsik filmmaker RUEL ANTIPUESTO, december 17, 2007, 4:15 pm.

bai, pwede ko mosamok? ganahan unta ko makig-collaborate nimo og himo og istorya. ayaw kaikog og balibad kung di madala sa imong schedule. :)

and i said: PAYTER!!

december 18, 2007

ug sa dihang ning-atake ang mga taga UP mass comm sa sun.star aron manaygon..  :)

december 17, 2007

It's the police, ho ho ho

The theory makes sense, considering that red is the official color of Christmas and cows figure prominently in the Nativity Scene. The study - marked “confidential” and kept in a secret vault in Camp Crame - is titled, “The Cop As Santa Claus: An Idea So Funny That It Deserves A Try.”

read article here

december 11, 2007



A project of Tsinelas in cooperation with

the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund 



The project is about bringing the spirit of Christmas to the sidewalks, “home” to the city’s street children and their families. It is a project born of the belief that Christmas is for everybody, the poor most especially.



The sidewalks in downtown Cebu City. the areas near Plaza Independencia, Cebu City Hall, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Manalili, Magallanes and Colon Sts., to name a few.



Street children and their families.






Tsinelas volunteers will drive along identified areas and randomly distribute packed meals to the people on the sidewalks. Distribution will be done in the early morning of December 25, preferrably between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. There is no activity yet going on in these otherwise busy business areas at these hours; so it is assured only street children and their families will be found there.


Distribution will be done as silently as possible. A tap on the shoulder should be enough to wake a street child and his family up, in case they are still asleep. This is to avoid attracting a crowd that will only make distribution difficult. After handing out the food and saying a short Christmas greeting, the team will leave the place and move on to the next.  


If necessary, there can be more than one team for the distribution so that it can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. A team’s size should be kept to a minimum to avoid attracting attention. 



As principal sponsor of the project, the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund will decide on what food to prepare and what catering agency to tap.



Tsinelas, Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund, and Friends.


december 8, 2007

                                party sa bukid

together with UP Tsinelas, i went to a mountain barangay in sibonga today to have a christmas party with the students there. UP tsinelas and mass com students also distributed gifts to the children. kapoy pero payter. merry christmas to those kids out there. at least naa na silay nindot nga masul-ob this christmas.

december 3, 2007

The weather for dummies

We are also too dumb to realize that “rain” is water falling from the sky while “precipitation” is the same water falling from the sky. (OK, snow is precipitation, as hail or sleet is. But unless you’re sleeping with a real snowman, be happy with rain. It’s shorter.)   read article here

december 3, 2007

pasko sa colon

the city is packaging the downtown area as the place to go this christmas, even creating a night market that is open till 6 a.m. sige, will check it out.

november 29, 2007  

si cleopatra

pinangga ko ni ech... atong una. karon dili na, kay gipulihan na ko niya'g. . .  ILAGA. kuyog niya kanunay ang ilaga: sa office, sa mall, sa church, sa eastwest, sa carlo's batchoy, sa tindaha'g larang sa osmeña blvd. pakan-on ni niya pirmi. gipalitan pa niya'g balay nga ang atop blue unya maukab-ukab.

sige siya'g ingon: "mallory.. cute kaayo si mallory, love nako si mallory." mallory diay ang ngalan sa kugtong. aron di ko magselos, gipailisan nako'g ngalan. ang ngalan sa ilaga si cleopatra na. at least ngalan sa babaye. ambot nganong cleopatra. 

pastilan nimo hamstera ka! spoiled!

november 28, 2007 

tsinelas update: check out fotos of 'tabay' (tsinelas swu chapter) during its leadership training/teambuilding seminar HERE

november 26, 2007  

Gravity-producing toilet for Aussie astronauts 

What is 40 percent of the global population? I’m poor in math, but just imagine walking down the street in your neighborhood. Count 40 steps, stop, look to either side, there’s a 40 percent chance the house that stands there has no toilet. If it’s a vacant lot with lots of grass, that’s the toilet itself. 

read article here


november 23, 2007

Missing Filemon's first Christmas single debuted at Smash FM this morning. Other stations said they will start playing the  song  next week. The song is an adaptation of  Let It Snow written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in 1945. We changed most of the stanzas but retained the refrain. In the spirit of sharing, we might be giving away copies of the song next week.


Pasko na usab O higala, walay sulod imong pitaka
Ayaw pangandoy sa wa diha, wa tay snow, wa tay, wa tay snow

Ayaw pangandoy og hamonada, lechon manok, queso de bola
Ayaw pangandoy sa wa diha, wa tay snow, wa tay snow, wa tay snow

When we finally kiss good night, how I'll hate going out in the storm
But if you'll really hold me tight, all the way home I'll be warm

Kung si Santa imong amigo, hain na ang imong regalo
Ayaw pangandoy sa di mao, wa tay snow, wa tay snow, wa tay snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

november 22, 2007

naughty notes

alang sa mga musikero og kanilang hilig lang gyud og nota. check this out:::: DELETED KAY NASUKO SI MAMA

pero kining belen sa colon ang pinaka-payter 

angay ba'ng ikasuko, o pasagdan lang? malipayong pasko gikan sa colon.

tsinelas update:Tsinelas.Pro donates computer to Lut-od

november 21, 2007

green bags

if not busy with work (and play), ech and i occupy our time with BLANGKONG PAPEL - printing shirts, mugs, tarpaulins and stuff for clients. 

among the most in demand are katsa (canvas) bags. sun.star featured some of our products in today's issue. you might want to check it out. if you're interested, contact ech - 09273669855.

november 20, 2007

Nitpicking and other lice we tell our children

This naturally alarmed the Department of Education, who promptly ordered schools to strictly enforce time-tested nitpicking policies. If you’re following me, nitpicking starts at the elementary level. And this activity is so addictive that it continues after the child finished elementary and marched on to become public officials. 

read article here

november 6, 2007

Rogue Madonna

A true lover of music appreciates different genres. A poser is one who picks one genre to support and dismisses the musical merits of the others. Or to be closer to home, a fake is one who loves rock music but automatically shuts his ears to a song if it is written in Cebuano, no questions asked.

for full article click here

november 5, 2007

Ella ella eh eh eh

You can't imagine the extent of my suffering keeping my hips from swaying as I walk down the road. I am convinced there’s a cosmic connection between an umbrella and a man’s manner of walking. I tell you, it’s not a pleasant experience, especially when you pass by your barkada playing tong-its in the garage.

click full article here 


 november 4, 2007

insoymada in 'sugbo'

a very old article i wrote lands in 'sugbo', the provincial government's official publication. for the article click here

november 1, 2007

sa ganahan mopalit ani nga shirt, text 09273669855. sizes available: 14, 16, medium, large, xlarge, xxlarge. 

laughtop no. 1 

Coke Zero

In my break time I used to drink cola with full of sugars, the original one. But since I am studying nurse I tend to get more health conscious as days pass by. It might have something to do with our health lecture and one of them is to avoid the diabetical problem. Diabetis is one common problem in anywhere in the world. Glad I'm not prone to it as it is not in our genes to be diabetically prone. But its not because I am not prone to it I have to drink and take more sugars every meal or snacks I have. So after our health lecture I am aware about it and starting to cut down my sugar intake. I had change my drink diet from original coke to diet one and now that there is a Coke zero its even much better. I sure will love it. Coke zero is taste just as good. This is how life as it should be, dont you think?

(for reasons of national security and to protect the nursing profession, the blogger has to stay anonymous)