World War One and Lodge Hill Cemetery

These resources are to support students visiting World War One graves at Lodge Hill Cemetery in Birmingham.  How can we assess the impact of the Great War in Birmingham and explore remembrance, commemoration and peace as a part of national life in the UK and other countries?

The resources have been co-authored by Robyn O'Halloran and Marcus Belben from the Peoples Heritage Cooperative. Please use the resources for visits to Lodge Hill Cemetery and workshops in classrooms. If you need support arranging a visit to the Cemetery, please contact us.

Engaging others in our Heritage

How can Soldiers' stories extend and deepen understanding of World War One?

  Why visit a Birmingham Cemetery to research World War One?

Fred Andrews died 1st July 1916 - The first day of the Battle of the Somme

In Birmingham alone as many as 230 men died on the first day.   Many of the soldiers fighting were newly conscripted under the conscription act introduced in January 1916.

Zeppelin L 19 - the end of one of the Zeppelins involved in bombing of the West Midlands


How did bombing in World War One effect the West Midlands?

band of harborne industrial school

Children during the Great War

How did Children in Birmingham contribute?

Youngest investor in tank bank week, BirminghamTank Bank

Fund raising campaign where tanks toured the UK to promote sale of government War Bonds and War Savings Certificates.