Insight, influence and impact is a leadership development programme running throughout the ST3 year for GPVTS trainees in the Oxford Deanery.

The aim is help trainees to develop skills in the core domains of the NHS leadership framework:
  • Demonstrating personal qualities
  • Working with others
  • Managing services
  • Improving services
  • Setting direction

These skills are not about creating paperwork or non-clinical managers but about directly improving the quality of patient care.  They are skills for everybody involved in patient care and are used on a daily basis by all GPs.  Developing these areas will help trainees during the ST3 year and into their future GP careers.

The programme covers lots of aspects of the RCGP curriculum and competency areas and also reflects many of the features outlined in the GMCs good medical practice.  This means that doing the programme will help trainees cover essential aspects of work place based assessment for the MRCGP.