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Jeanette Lee Pool PlayerEverybody knows who Jeanette Lee is.  After all, Jeanette Lee is perhaps the most widely recognized pool player ever in the public eye.   She has been featured o­n ESPN, "The David Letterman Show," HBO's "Arliss," "Hard Copy," People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and many other shows and publications.  She has remained of the WPBA's top-ranked players since her professional debut in 1993 and has since accomplished many feats both o­n and off of the pool table.  Jeanette Lee also serves o­n the Board of Trustees for the Women's Sports Foundation and is the National Spokesperson for the Scoliosis Association.  She also authored The Black Widow's Guide to Killer Pool.

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Jeanette Lee began playing pool at the age of 18 while living in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY.  In spite of her scoliosis, she quickly learned to endure her back pain and take it out o­n her opponents.  She finished third place in her first pro event in 1992 and continued to move up in the rankings.  By 1994, she became the number-one ranked player in the world and earned the "Player of the Year" award.  In addition to may top finishes o­n the Women's Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) Tour, she brought home the gold medal for the USA at the 2001 Akita World Games in Japan and won the Ladies' $25,000 winner-take-all Tournament of Champions in November 2003.

Presently she resides in Indianapolis, IN, with her husband, former pro George Breedlove, and her two step daughters.  She and her husband have recently welcomed new daughter Cheyenne Lee Breedlove, "The Baby Widow," whom Lee feels will not take her away from the billiards circuit, but instead has become "a great source of inspiration" while playing.  With such an optimistic statement, it is no doubt that "The Black Widow's" fans will be seeing plenty of her in the future.


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