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There are two things to remember when dealing with your Academic Advisor at school.

First, that you want to stay on good terms with your advisor because you need someone experienced with the entire collegiate process to help guide you through it safely and efficiently. An advisor can direct you toward the best general education classes, can keep you on track in your major requirements for graduation, and sometimes can even pull some strings on your behalf with the College Administration if you need to get into a certain class.

That said, you must not fall into the trap of entrusting all your academic business and responsibilities to your advisor. While it is good to be on cordial terms with him or her, you must always insist that you move in the academic direction that is right for you. Don't let an advisor pressure you into taking certain courses or majors just because they might make you more money, or because that's what everyone else does, or for any other reason. Always consider their advice, but in the end you have to do what's right for you, regardless of what your advisor might have to say about it.

Secondly, never assume that an academic responsibility will be taken care of by your advisor. They're busy people and will often forget things they've said or promised to take care of. You must always follow up on all aspects of your academic responsibilities, whether that means filling out the proper forms of paying school fees or getting into a required class. The buck stops with you!

By following these two simple rules- stay on good terms with your advisor, and yet stay independent and responsible- you're sure to do well and to make the most of this valuable academic resource!