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Boosting Your SATs Without Breaking the Bank

You don't have to pay a lot to boost your SAT scores. You need to become familiar with the test either by taking a course offered through your high school (as I did), or by going to Barnes and Noble and reading over the SAT practice test books. Take them into the cafe and study for free!

If the verbal section is your weaker area, get to know the kinds of questions that will be asked on that part of the exam. Practice them and check your answers. On the ones you answer incorrectly, take the time to figure out why. What was it about the correct answer that you missed? There are patterns on the SATs that you can learn to recognize and identify, thereby boosting those scores!

If the math section is your weaker area, you should talk to your math teachers at school. Often times, your teachers will have helpful advice for you, or books to lend you for preparing for the SATs. Sometimes they might even offer you free tutoring sessions after school. You never know until you ask!

Go to Barnes and Noble again and read through those SAT practice books. Which questions do you understand, and which ones just don't seem to click for you? Take notes, and bring the problem questions to your math teacher. They're a free resource that you should make use of, and they're always willing to help!

The bottom line is that you have to know what to expect from the test. You CAN learn what types of questions to expect on the SATs, and every time you take them, your scores are sure to go up!