Collembola (Springtails)

Order Poduromorpha

Family Hypogastruridae

Genus Ceratophysella

Ceratophysella Hypogastruridae tasmania springtail collembola

Genus Triacanthella

Family Neanuridae

Neanuridae Acanthanura tasmania springtail Acanthanura

Ceratrimeria Neanuridae Wolf's Milk
Genus Australonura

Anurida granaria

Neanura muscorum

Family Onychiuridae

Genus Protaphorura

Family Isotomidae

Genus Isotomurus

Isotomurus cf. palustris Isotomidae collembola tasmania

Family Paronellidae

Subfamily Paronellinae

Tribe Cremastocephalini

Tribe Callyntrurini

Pending ID - Tribe Callyntrurini

Family Tomoceridae

Pending ID Tomoceridae

Pending ID - Entomobryomorpha

Pending ID - Entomobryomorpha

[ currently empty ]

Order Symphypleona

Family Bourletiellidae

Genus Rastriopes springtail tasmania

Family Dicyrtomidae

Dicyrtomidae Dicyrtomina springtail tasmania Dicyrtomidae Dicyrtomina springtail tasmania Dicyrtomidae Dicyrtomina springtail tasmania

Genus Calvatomina

Family Katiannidae

Genus Katianna

Katianna Tasmania

Family Sminthuridae

Lucerne Flea Sminthurus viridis tasmania Lucerne Flea Sminthurus viridis tasmania Lucerne Flea Sminthurus viridis tasmania

Pending ID - Symphypleona

Pending ID - Symphypleona

Pending ID - Collembola

[ currently empty ]


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