INSECTERGY grows 'Energy Insects®'.  Energy Insects® are Orthoptera Order of insects (preferably crickets and grasshoppers) that are fed an engineered diet and live in an engineered environment.  Energy Insects® is a novel patent-pending composition.  In part due to the engineered and computer-controlled environment where they are raised.  Their habitat is computer-controlled to maintain pre-determined environmental conditions (humidity, temperature, gas velocity, pressure, pressure drop, vacuum pressure, particulate level, carbon dioxide concentration, feedstock composition, and water quality , etc.).  But also because of the ‘Enhanced Feedstock’ that the insects are fed.  The Enhanced Feedstock itself is a patent-pending novel composition that is made up of precise ratios of feedstock, water, minerals, vitamins, polymer, and optional enhancers.  All of these ingredients are selected and provided at engineered weight ratios to maintain a sufficient amount of nutrition to maximize insect growth and quality of life, while preventing disease, cannibalism, and injury.  Not only does the proprietary Enhanced Feedstock result in healthy insects, but the benefits of the functional ingredients are passed on to the consumer of Energy Insects® in either food, fitness/bodybuilding supplements, lipid-based consumables (e.g., insect oil, oleochemicals, cricket lip balm, cricket soap, foodstuff compositions), or other applications, some not yet known or completely understood.

INSECTERGY has also developed technology for mixing Energy Insects® with other ingredients to make foodstuffs.  First the insects are farmed and bred, then harvested, humanely euthanized, and then mixed with fiber-starch materials, binding agents, density improving textural supplements, moisture improving textural supplements, and optionally cannabis enhancers, to form an alimentary multifunctional composition.

In some applications, the multifunctional composition may then be mixed with water, shaped, cooked, flavored, and then packaged.  The multifunctional composition may be shaped using any number of ways including extrusion, sheeting rolling, and cutting rolls.  Also, the Energy Insect® multifunctional composition may be cooked in any number of ways including drying, pressure cooking, dehydration, or freeze drying, and even mixed with cannabis extracts (THC, CBD) and solvents.

In some industries, the Energy Insects® may go undergo enzymatic fermentation.  The insects may be ground or provided whole and then mixed with a biocatalyst (various combinations of enzymes and bacteria) and optionally an acid and heated under controlled computer-operated controlled conditions within a jacketed continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR).  The insect-liquid-biocatalyst mixture is then removed from the reactor, pressurized, and provided to a series of unit operations to (i) first remove the exoskeleton, then (ii) second, separate the liquid-and-biocatalyst from the insects via filtration or vacuum evaporation.  Many industries require exoskeleton-free insects that have been fermented using biocatalysts for use in a variety of foodstuffs. 

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