Energy Insects® are grown within INSECTERGY-brand Insect Production Superstructure Systems (IPSS).  Our IPSS provide the foundation for all state-of-the-art insect farming facilities.

INSECTERGY designs, builds, and operates, custom-built, large-scale, computerized mass insect production systems that are designed carefully to make sure that the insects are freed from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, fear and distress.  We value the humane treatment of animals and intelligently conceptualize and construct our systems to be precisely sized and situated to be able to provide systematically-timed and controlled computer-operated methods to maintain a sufficient amount of nutrition, climate, and habitability to our insects to maximize insect growth and quality of life.

INSECTERGY's Insect Production Superstructure Systems (IPSS) are carefully engineered to grow insects on a continuous basis with minimal human interaction for human consumption or for use as an intermediate lipid-based product for the production of food, chemicals, cosmetics, and consumables.

INSECTERGY's technology affords humanity the opportunity to deploy large-scale, modular, easily-manufacturable, energy efficient, reliable, computer-operated insect production facilities to produce Energy Insects® for human consumption, and for the extraction and use of lipids and protein with minimal water, feedstock, and environmental impact.

INSECTERGY has developed proprietary downstream processing technologies to harvest the Energy Insects®, followed by unit operations configured to remove pathogens, cook, grind, and extract lipids and protein using either solvents or pressure.  We supply specialized equipment and key technologies to cleanly, humanely, and safely produce insects for food applications.  

INSECTERGY provides a variety of standardized product lines of various sizes and scales of insect production facilities that are configured to maximize insect production on a small physical outlay while providing adequate space for high density insect rearing.  The systems may be built in old or new buildings, structures, or warehouses or in modular repurposed shipping container cars.

INSECTERGY's cube container technology platform permits our systems to be containerized within recycled shipping containers that conform to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifications -- providing incomparable modularity, optionality, and transportability.

INSECTERGY's cube container technology also meets the need to re-use old containerized shipping containers to promote the implementation of widespread commercial production of insects to promote regional, rural, and urban, job opportunities that maximizes the quality of living the insects that are farmed.

INSECTERGY has developed proprietary feeding chamber environmental control process technology related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specifically tailor-made for insect farming applications.

INSECTERGY has developed propriety containerized water treatment systems that are specifically designed and tailored for use at insect farms of any scale or size and deployable at any geographic location.  These systems remove positively charged ions, negatively charged ions, and undesirable compounds from a source of water to ensure that the insects are provided with high-quality water that is compatible with food processing industry health and sanitary standards.

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