INSECTERGY has developed a disruptive portfolio of new patent-pending efficient, reliable, and consistent, computer-operated cannabis farming systems that are needed to meet the medicinal and recreational cannabis production demands of society.

INSECTERGY large-scale cannabis farming systems are carefully designed to minimize environmental impact, reduce manual labor and human interaction, and automate the system as much as possible while maximizing plant growth.

INSECTERGY systems can be precisely sized and situated for your application to provide systematically timed and controlled computer-operated methods to maintain a sufficient amount of water and nutrients for the cannabis at a precise temperature, humidity level, pH, oxygen and/or carbon dioxide level, air velocity, and light wavelength and schedule.

INSECTERGY's cannabis farming facilities maximize plant production on a small physical outlay while providing adequate space for high-density plant growth all at an economically attractive cost.

INSECTERGY sells and develops financeable large-scale, standardized, modular, easily manufacturable, energy efficient, reliable, computer-operated cannabis farming systems and facilities to produce cannabis for medicinal and recreation use with minimal water and environmental impact.

INSECTERGY cannabis farming facilities employ systems and methods that can clean and decontaminate water from harsh and unpredictable sources and provide a clean water source suitable to feed and grow cannabis.

INSECTERGY designs modular farming systems that re-use old containerized shipping containers to promote the implementation of widespread commercial production of cannabis to promote regional, rural, and urban job opportunities that maximize the quality of living where the cannabis is farmed.

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