3 - Activities, Publications and Deliverables

Research visits

Research visit to Stanford, Berkeley and IBM – February 2011
Research visit to Nokia Toijala Research Center March 2011

Research visit to Meraka & RLabs – May 2011
meeting and sessions with Laurens Cloete, Rene Parker, & other Meraka & RLabs people

Research visits to Demola, Tampere Hub, Design Factory and Venture Garage
with Meraka people, workshop session on new institutions – May 2011

Research visits to Hub Helsinki & Desing Factory, August 2011. Minna Takala

Research visit RLabs to Helsinki, September 2011, Marlon Parker & Rene Parker

Research visit to TanzICT Innovation space, spring 2011, Minna Takala.

Research visits to the Netherlands and to Austria



May 2011 IST Africa 2011 Botswana

June 2011 MITIP Norway;

July 2011 55th ISSS Hull University, UK

November 2011 ICSC European Research Seminar, Copenhagen, Denmark

February 2012 Fifth Workshop and Symposium on Services Systems Science, Tokyo Tech, Japan

March 2012 Innovation in Business Networks - IBN Seminar, Kolding, Denmark

April 2012  - IPSERA 2012 , Naples, Italy.

     IFSR Conversation 2012 - April St. Magdalena, Linz Austria

May 2012 - IST Africa 2012, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

June 2012 - ISPIM 2012 , Barcelona, Spain

July 2012 - ISSS 2012, San Jose, California US


Workshops & Seminars  

March 2011Developing Sourcing Relationships & Crowdsouring (with Globe Net & ESCO)

May 2011Innovation with RLabs

June 2011 – Research Session (with Globe Net & ESCO)

June 2011 – Session & workshop at SomeTime 2011

August 2011 – Sustainability (with Globe Net & ESCO)

September 2011 – Indirect Sourcing (with ESCO)

December 2011 – Professional use of Social media (with STO & SOITA -project)

December 2011 – INSCO Aalto & Oulu research teams meeting 7.12.2011

January 2011 – INSCO Aalto & Oulu research teams meeting 23.1.2012

February 2012 – INSCO & ESCO – Low Cost Country Sourcing

March 2012 - GlobeNet & ESCO  Grande Finale , Espoo Otaniemi

March & May 2012 – INCSO, DIMAR & DIP2 project – B2B Crowdsourcing

June 2012 – INSCO - 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
– implications to RD, production and sourcing

June 2012 - collaboration workshop with researches from Denmark

September 2012 -  Workshop on the Future Challenges for  Innovation & Sourcing
with TEKES program under preparation



Developing a New Global Idea Creation Platform – Case Idea Marketplace,
Master Thesis, Aalto University, 2011, Harjanne, Karoliina, supervisor Minna Takala

Emerging technologies enabling innovative sourcing and procurement practices
Authors: Mervi Vuori, Aki Laiho and Minna Takala,  MITIP 2011

Emerging institutions for innovation – new practices for collaboration and sourcing.
Authors Minna Takala1, Mervi Vuori1, Kristiina Lähde2, and David Hawk3
BIT Research Centre, Aalto University, Finland 2 SAFIPA Program, Meraka Institute, CSIR, South Africa 3 New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, USA, ISSS 2011

Developing new product through collaboration in High-Tech Enterprises
Distanont, A., Haapasalo, H., Rassamethes, B. and Binshan, L. (2011) ,
Int. J. Management and Enterprise Development, Vol. 10, No.1, pp. 51-71

Network of Innovation Suppliers – Towards a Research Agenda
by Mervi Vuori, Aki Laiho, Henri Simula, Mika Karilahti & Minna Takala,
Innovation in Business Networks - IBN Seminar, Kolding, Denmark

Expading Scope of Innovation – Challenges for Innovation Management and Measurement, by Minna Takala,
Innovation in Business Networks - IBN Seminar, Kolding, Denmark

Sourcing from low cost countries: Organizing and governance perspectives
by Mervi Vuori, Aki Laiho, Zhongbo Fan - IPSERA 2012 - April 1- 4, 2012, Naples, Italy

Social computing and crowdsourcing in business context
from socio-ecological, socio-technical and socio-psychological perspectives  
by Minna Takala, IFSR Conversation 2012 - April St. Magdalena, Linz, April 14th  - 19th , 2012.

Collaborative Relationship Practices for Living Labs, Universities and Business
by Minna Takala and Kristiina Lähde,
IST Africa - May 9th – 11th, 2012, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Emerging New Institutions for Innovation – Living Labs and Development Labs
by Minna Takala and Kristiina Lähde,
IST Africa - May 9th – 11th, 2012, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Crowdsourcing Ideas for Development
by Minna Takala & Mervi Vuori & Henri Simula, IST Africa - May 9th – 11th, 2012, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Knowledge transfer pattern in collaborative product development (CPD) 
by Distanont, A., Haapasalo, H., Rassamethes, B. and Binshan, L.
Int. J. of Intercultural Information Management. Vol 3. No 1. pp. 59-81

Exploring uses of social media in a global corporation by Mervi Vuori
Journal of Systems and Information technology, Special issue: Social media in Business.
Vol 14  Iss 2  pp. 155- 170

Master Thesis on Indirect Sourcing

Master Thesis on New Institutions for Innovation

Several articles in preparation related to project themes


Aalto Pro Sourcing program at Dipoli, Rlabsin Cape Town, SoMeTime 2011 at Desig Factory Espoo, 
Aalto Alumni meeting in Helsinki,  Lappeenranta University of Technology in Lahti, Vantaa and in Lappeenranta,
MQ Klubi at Design Factory and at Dipoli

Tanzanian Minister for Science Mr. Mbarawa visit on Sep 29th 2011 
INSCO Project presentation at Design Factory, Aalto University

Ideation session for possibilities for B2B Service Sourcing with companies
INSCO project presentation Oct 18th 2011

South Africa Ministry visit to Aalto University
– INSCO project presentation Oct 19th 2011

Invited key note presentation ”New Collaborative Institutions for Systemic Innovation”  
by Minna Takala at Tokyo Tech, Feb 2012

Invited plenary presentation on ”New Institutions for  Innovation”  
by Minna Takala at the 56th ISSS Conference in San Jose , July 2012

Forthcoming  books 

INSCO project end report - Aalto Series - to be published in 2012

Book on Service Sourcing  - to be published in 2012

·      Theme:  Sourcing B2B Services by Jussi Heikkilä, Jari Laine and Minna Takala
Chapter on Innovation Sourcing by Minna Takala

·      Published by Teknologiainfo Teknova Oy

Book on Social Systems & Designs – to be published in 2013

            Invitation to contribute on two chapters

            10.   The Tavistock imprint on organizational design
by Debora Hammond / Minna Takala / David Ing / Merrelyn Emery / Gary Metcalf 

            15.   Emerging designs in Finland and Africa
by Minna Takala & Kristiina Lähde) 

·         Published by Springer Publishing in Tokyo
(the first book of 6 volumes series)

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