Policy and Procedure

INSCIENCE supports all its Alcohol testing product with Alcohol testing procedures through to confirmation. Host responsibility clauses and procedures for your Health and Safety Manuals also available.

Don’t overlook Alcohol testing in your Health and Safety policy addressing Drugs in the Workplace.

Where to test, when to test and how to test, Policy and Procedure for Workplaces

Testing supplies


Draeger Alcotest

Available model numbers : 5510, 3000, 6820, 7510

Alcohol breath analyser for rapid on-site breath testing. Can measure for all and any levels you may have in your workplace policy.

Quick readiness for measuring Direct measurement - blow in the mouthpiece and get an accurate alcohol value automatically.

  • Indirect or passive measurement talk into it and get immediate indication of alcohol or no alcohol. 
  • Saves on consumables and allows for rapid throughput.
  • Indirect - wave over an unknown liquid to measure alcohol or no alcohol - test for contraband
  • High test sequence, Easy to use. Encrypted results storage
  • Fast, precise and specific breath alcohol measurement
Alcotest 5510 is the premium Workplace alcohol breathalyser. An Alcotest 3000 is suitable for Workplace and Personal use and the Alcotest 6820 suitable for workplace, medical, research and any other applications requiring PC download and Datalog of encrypted results.

Meets Australian and European Standards

The Alcotest range is used by the NZ Police in their Drink drive law enforcement. The 'premier' end user devices.

Training and Compliance

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Full calibration service and support available direct to you. 2–4 day turnaround and loan instruments are also available.

Courses available
  • Operator training Alcohol breathalyser
  • Managing your Drug and Alcohol workplace policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for employees
  • Supervisors management of drug and alcohol policy for Reasonable Cause and after an accident or incident