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Our problem is salmonella- all types.
And here's our solution!!! It's called the SALLY 2000. It costs a total of $66.84 for the lights and 7 cents per turkey after that. (shipping and handling not included) haha...we don't make these...

Our solution has 2 parts. The first part requires that you dunk each turkey in grapefruit seed extract during processing. 5 gallons of GSE covers roughly 8 million turkeys. The second part comes right before packaging and directly after. You install a set of 200 to 300 nanometer wavelength ultraviolet lights to kill the salmonella, to make sure absolutely none survive when it goes out to the market, which helps make the world and our food a safer place. :)

So there's our solution! Help spread the word and share this site! You can help us save the world from salmonella!!!

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