About Us

Our team has 5 members- Ali, Ariela, Cameron (cammy), Lauren, and Mari. Our advisors/coaches are Mrs. Kim and Dr. Bray.
We have a lot of fun together and love to play with our robot, Membrane Jr. We are sponsored by Girl Scouts of Northern California, Girl Scouts, and Motorola.
We've bonded together through a lot of team-building activities like building a pyramid, playing "Human Knot", and lifting each other up as a team. It was totally awesome to get to know each others' interests. Not to mention our common love of food, LEGOS, and friendship.

We recently mentored a younger Girl Scouts team...and they placed 7th at their regional tournament! Great job!!! Stay insanely brainy and good luck!!!
This year we're all in middle school.

We're also very talented outside of FLL...
  • Ariela is a horseback rider
  • Cammy is a tennis player
  • Ali is a violin and soccer player
  • Mari is our resident jokester and singer
  • Lauren is a competitive figure skater and cellist

Pics of us and our robot, Membrane Jr.!

Watch our video interview for Project Avenue at http://fllblog.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/girl-scouts-and-fll/
 Most Recent pic for Project Avenue site (above)
Lauren and Ali prepping our robot for a 2 minute round during the robot game...refs wearing silly hats behind us! Show your spirit!
Our first designs following the instructions...now Membrane Jr. is custom designed...by us!
On the left is Membrane Sr. and another robot that was built using borrowed Legos during a Girl Scout mentoring meeting last year.
Last Year's 2010 Body Forward Regional Tournament Pic of us before our Project Presentation...the extra girl is Sameera, who didn't have time to be on our team this year. We miss you!
Us fooling around during the down-time at the tournament- we're best friends even outside of Lego FLL!
We love our coaches, Mrs. Kim and Dr. Bray!!!
Here's last year's trophy for teamwork representing all our team efforts... : ) It's shiny
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