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Most library databases do not work like Google--that is, when you ask the database to search for a term, it will not search the full-text of the articles in the database. 
  • When you are searching in library databases, build your search with 1-3 distinct words or phrases, using the Advanced Search option.  Using nouns instead of verbs will get better results.
  • When you find some articles you like, look at the "subject headings" or "descriptors" for the articles--those will make good search terms for your next search.
  • Think about synonyms or similar concepts for the search terms you are using, and try those in a new search.
  • Look for a "Thesaurus" or "Browse by Topic" tab in the database--you will find the terms the database uses for the subjects you are researching.  Use those to build a search, and you'll find many more good results when you search.

 Tsunohazu kumano jūnisha zokusyō jūnisō
Tsunohazu kumano jūnisha zokusyō jūnisō;
Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Collection;