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Most library databases do not work like Google--that is, when you ask the database to search for a term, it will not search the full-text of the articles in the database. 
  • When you are searching in library databases, build your search with 1-3 distinct words or phrases, using the Advanced Search option.  Using nouns instead of verbs will get better results.
  • When you find some articles you like, look at the "subject headings" or "descriptors" for the articles--those will make good search terms for your next search.
  • Think about synonyms or similar concepts for the search terms you are using, and try those in a new search.
  • Look for a "Thesaurus" or "Browse by Topic" tab in the database--you will find the terms the database uses for the subjects you are researching.  Use those to build a search, and you'll find many more good results when you search.

 Tsunohazu kumano jūnisha zokusyō jūnisō
Tsunohazu kumano jūnisha zokusyō jūnisō;
Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Collection;


This is a sampling of titles on mindfulness and a meaningful life in Concordia's ebrary collection for you to browse.  With thousands of titles in ebrary, you may want to conduct some searches yourself as you think about topics.  If you have questions about using ebooks or need help with ebrary, please ask a librarian.