Inquest of Logic - Inquisitoria de la Lógica

[ "...an inquest uses witnesses, but the suspects are not permitted to defend themselves...!" ]

Language of Europe was more simple with fewer words.
By the 13th Century judicial and human legal rights were developing more.

For Joint/United - Quest/Venture/Saga, of the study and analysis of Logic in all most it's fields in Academia and human knowledge and practices, has been a life fulfillment.

The results as to my acceptance has been as all through out human history of, ignorance, inquisitional tendencies to my person, and outright self denial from most everybody.

I hope my Quest and now Inquest and not hopefully formal Judicial Inquiry, will not have put an end to any human progress to better ways of living and life!

As this is what has been the inferred answer I have received: "Pure Logic, is too ahead of it's time, or simply humans will not be much better than they have been so far!

The amazing thing is that most humans pay and donate to worse logic activities, and live in like manner, orthodox conserved lives or non-religious conserved lives or too liberal lives. And the World can go on for ever, in this sense, with not much more progress!

A maxim of pure logic is showing itself again in Humanities History. "Time and logic always catches up to them ! What activities they do wrong or good soon finally comes around at them, for the better or for the worse !" Examples: If it be a white mans genocide, soon something is done about it. If it be a black mans genocide, very little is done about it! This may seem contradictory but true. Not always things come around back at you to haunt you! If you fill the atmosphere with CO2 and destroy excessively habitats and jungles and forest, the hope is that there wont be much negative consequences or there will be what to do about it! And so on and so forth!

To live reality with the best knowledge and logic, is of true pure logic adults! We will establish centers of pure logic, with the ethics and moral teachings of normal humans and established laws.

What is, is and has been established. But was isn't and is better, is for all those that want to. And what is better cannot be detained, and has a place in World Academia and New Theology.

You can be what you want to be in whatever belief, study, and logic.

[C13: from Medieval Latin inquēsta,  from Latin in- ² + quaesītus  investigation, from quaerere  to examine]
late 13c., an-queste "legal or judicial inquiry," from O.Fr. enqueste "inquiry," from fem. pp. of V.L. *inquirere "inquire" (see inquire).


"...an inquest uses witnesses, but the suspects are not permitted to defend themselves...!" : Canada and British Columbia "mental health act", logic of a few centuries ancient draconian inquisitional judicial logic...! What human rights gained has been lost agai even against the latest Constitution of Canada on rights ! No results can justify the means, if it goes against your basic adult rights ! It is up to them to have civil low Courts and/or Prefectures ! What they do wrong as authorities is because they lack logic !

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An inquest is a judicial inquiry in common law jurisdictions, particularly one held to determine the cause of a person's death.[1] Conducted by a judge, jury, or government official, an inquest may or may not require an autopsy carried out by a coroner or medical examiner. Generally, inquests are only conducted upon deaths which are suspicious, due to violence, involving law enforcement officials, or of persons held in state custody. An inquest may be called at the behest of a coroner, judge, prosecutor, or, in some jurisdictions, upon a formal request from the public.[2] A coroner's jury may be convened to assist in this type of proceeding. Inquest can also mean such a jury and the result of such an investigation. In general usage, inquest is also used to mean any investigation or inquiry.

An inquest uses witnesses, but suspects are not permitted to defend themselves. The verdict can be, for example, natural death, accidental death, misadventure, suicide, or murder. If the verdict is murder or culpable accident, criminal prosecution may follow, and suspects are able to defend themselves there.

Since juries are not used in most European civil law systems, these do not have any (jury) procedure similar to an inquest, but medical evidence and professional witnesses have been used in court in continental Europe for centuries.[3][4][5]

Larger inquests can be held into disasters, or in some jurisdictions (not England and Wales) into cases of corruption.[5]


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