Latest NEWS: InputStudio has it's own site!
Go to InputStudio site: http://www.inputstudiowp7.com

The Emitsor Software Group is proud to announce the InputStudio WP7 application is available to your WP7 device via Microsoft MarketPlace Hub.

InputStudio your Mobile your IDEa!

InputStudio application follows the data definition first approach for creating applications where you first design your data entities and attributes and the rules that drive them and then attach (render) that entities into pre-built user controls plugged in some page (screen).

Want to have an application for tracking your personal or travel expenses?, for tracking your car gas usage performance?, to track your small business sales and customers?. For this needs and many other more, you can now easily create your own applications as closest to you as your phone device...

Features provided by InputStudio:
  • You can Build your own applications within the very same device, it's easy.
  • You can Share your created applications with the community.
  • You can Import applications others have created for free, based on the rating the applications have.
  • You can Rate applications others have created, once you import and use that application.
  • There is No Need to publish to Marketplace since no binary code is generated.
  • There are no limits on the quantity of applications you can have, the limit is the device storage itself.
  • Design, then immediately Test and Run your app.
  • No IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is required. Your mobile device is your own IDE.
  • You can export your input data for further usage as html page.
  • You can sort and filter your data while you enter the data.
  • You can set business rules on your data to be executed at different events (on create, update, etc).
  • You can relate your data entities in parent-child relationships.
  • You can setup attribute validations on your data to avoid empty data and other kind of validations.
  • You can even set some display properties (styles) to your data attributes.
  • You can create pages (screens) and navigations between them.
  • You can even take screenshots of your screens for further usage.
  • It has built-in video tutorials for helping you creating applications.
  • Some featured application samples are provided out of the box.
Kind of applications created with InputStudio:
  • Data input oriented applications, where you can input your data/images-photos and apply some math on it.
  • RSS, Atom Feeds (viewer)
Supported Languages:
  • English
  • Español
  • Deutsch (translations not yet fully accurate)
  • Français (translations not yet fully accurate)
  • Italiano (translations not yet fully accurate)

How it Works:
  • See the design and run screenshot pages and the Videos page for a better understanding.