In Our Hearts We Know 


                                by ShantiMayi 

A compelling and insightful book of inspirational talks from ShantiMayi

on wisdom and awakening, loving and full-hearted living, compassion and gratitude.

Truth dwells within us... within everyone and everything... eternally here and now.

Everyone comes to this planet illuminated, and everyone has a sage within that holds that illumination forever. 

The fortunate realize this and cherish it as the only true value in their lives.

This "way of the heart" just might, bit -by-bit, shift the entire consciousness of our planet. 



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>Please note that the first printing of this book has the title, Secrets of the Heart.  This is the same book as In Our Hearts We Know... only the title and cover were changed... The main text remains unchanged except for a few additional endnotes.<

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223 pages

6in. X 9in.

Printed and bound in India at Nutech Printers, New Delhi

ISBN 978-81-7525-842-6




Spirituality is an art and so too is living. It is very important that spirituality, realization, love, integrity, wisdom, and being open to possibility, are incorporated into your everyday life. It is important that you cultivate the courage to live the love that opens your mind and deepens your understanding. Through this daily exploration, you'll discover how skillfully you can apply what you know in your heart to be true. Otherwise, what is spirituality if it is not alive and creative? Conduct the experiment. Get inspired and enter your spirituality as a way of life...

...Gratitude holds our heart open and keeps us aware of what great and noble qualities we actually have within us and in our lives. This is creative spiritual living, every day, every moment, and with every breath... As you begin to discover these hidden qualities within yourself, realizing that all you experience and observe is the Essential Quality that imbues all of existence, you uncover a hidden willingness within yourself. In all of this, confidence and courage and natural ability arise, and so too does love...

...In very simple terms: When you are selfless, you are awake...

CONSIDER THIS  (page 184-185)

Although the experience of suffering is different for everyone... the way through, past, and beyond it is the same for all, and always has been. The keys that open the door to freedom from suffering are timelessly unchanging. Sometimes the keys are placed in our hands; sometimes we are forced to take them. Sometimes we discover that the key is lying on the altar of our heart. To enter the wisdom of Totality, the key must be turned and the door must be opened. The lock begins to tumble because we do understand, because we see beyond our conditioning--and we realize that what we think we are is not really who we are at all. 

The amazing thing is that we always want what we already are. We think that something will bring us home when, in fact, we never left home, nor can we ever leave home. We desire love, yet we are love. We desire fulfillment, and yet we are always complete. We want to be unique, and yet we are absolutely unique in every cell of our being. We want our way, but every way is already ours when we accept what life brings to us.


We are always what we are no matter if we are enlightened, ignorant, or somewhere in between. Truth dwells within us—within everyone and everything—eternally here and now. Everyone comes to this planet illuminated, and everyone has a sage within that holds that illumination forever. The fortunate realize this and cherish it as the only true value in our lives. Discovering this, after all, is up to you… it all begins and ends with you. It always has and it always will. Some say it is all up to a “Greater One than I.” Yet, I ask you to consider this and hold it to your heart… the “Greater One” and you are not two.


Realizing this, subtle pathways and I… disappear.


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Born in the United States in 1950, ShantiMayi is the first westerner, as well as the first woman, to take an honored place among the Spiritual Masters of the Sacha Lineage. ShantiMayi is not confined to any particular religion. She and her lineage literally live for the awakening of humanity, for a shift in consciousness on earth at this significant time. She has traveled extensively around the world for the past twenty years offering awakening wisdom to all.

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