I am currently residing in the vicinity of Spokane, WA, USA -- my local map.

  • Official visitor's site (restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping, etc.) --
  • Accommodation -- many hotels and B&Bs are available in town. See the above official visitor's site.
  • Meal -- Consider those places for fun.
  • Spokane International Airport (GEG) --
  • Amtrak (Empire Builder between Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA/Portland, OR) and Grayhound (to/from Seattle, WA) are serving but very limited -- Spokane Intermodal Center.
  • Local transportation
    • Bus -- Spokane Transit Authority
      • Route 60 serves GEG to/from downtown. About 20 min. 1.75USD per ride.
      • Routes 26, 28 and 29 serve EWU Spokane to/from downtown. About 5min. Same fare.
      • Route 64/66 serves EWU Cheney campus (the main campus). About 35min. Same fare.
    • Taxis are available but very difficult to catch except a few designated places such as the train station, the airport and major hotels.
      • Spokane Cab 24-hour dispatch service. +1 509 568 8000
      • I would recommend using UBER and Lyft.
    • Parking
  • Cellphone -- the following SIMs in USA are suitable for a long term stay (longer than a month).
    • H2O Wireless (AT&T MVNO) PAYG plan is recommended (5 cents per minute or SMS, 10 cents per 1MB data at 2G/3G/4G speed).
    • SpeedTalk (T-mobile, AT&T MVNO) Manageable Plan is recommended (5USD/mo for 250 unites of Voice/SMS/Data, where 1 unit is either 1-min voice, 1 SMS, or 1MB of data).
    • FreedomPop (AT&T MVNO) Basic FREE plan for a light user is unique.