About myself

An Artificial Intelligence Specialist (especially in Fuzzy Logic) in USA and Japan. He has extensive experiences in both academia and industries for various tasks –consultation, dissemination, project management, research and development, and training. His experienced application domains include Robotics, Apparel Online Retails, Finance, Critical Infrastructure Security, Information Retrieval, Manufacturing, Education, Computer Game, and Healthcare. He has a rich networking in both academia and industries on the globe (in many countries). He is capable of programming in many different programming languages and platforms, including C++, C, JAVA, Python, php5, LISP, Prolog, SQL, M, Eclipse, R, Matlab, Hadoop, MySQL, MongoDB, and LINUX.

As a full professor, he teaches and advises students in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Decision Sciences at all levels from fundamental undergraduate to advanced graduate. He has advised numerous students and many of them are successful in their career development, e.g. college faculty, nationally recognized consulting firms, and global enterprises — Battelle Memorial Institute, Raytheon, Caterpillar, Lockheed-Martin, Emaars (UAE), Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, to name a few. He has held several fellowships and visiting professorships at reputable research institutes in France (LIP6), USA (UC Berkeley, CMU), Kazakhstan (KBTU, KazNU) and Japan (LIFE, OPU). He is active and well-recognized in relevant international academic societies for his technical contributions and leaderships.

Currently, he is focusing on his entrepreneurship in AI and Blockchain as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) while leading Intelligent Informatics Initiative (I3) and holding his professorship.

He is active in SNS and his contact information is here. Please read this when interested in visiting him.