IMC - iNotes Mail Checker

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IMC will be usefull for you if you have a mailbox based on Lotus Domino web enabled templates (iNotes or Domino Web Access). It periodically checks for unread mails in your inbox and alerts you when it finds some new ones. What makes it different from the standard tools provided by IBM is that the alerts doesn't steal the focus of your current application. Further more it has a far better look ! (detailled supported templates and servers are listed in the features page)

IMC is a tool designed for the .Net Framework. It requires both Framework 1.1 & Framework 2.0. These packages can easily be dowloaded from the microsoft web site (see links).

The program is still under heavy development. It is not bug free at the moment, but it is stable enough to be used all day long and considered as reliable. 

It is a kind of sandbox for me since this is my first .Net app.

I am an experienced Lotus Notes/Domino Administrator and developer. I am developing this app to learn a bit about .Net and C#. At the moment, this app is free.

You have something to tell about this app, the site, me, ... you are welcome ! see the contact page.

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