I've created an "omnifeed" that shows my activity online: my blogging, my posts at Google+, my two Twitter accounts (OnlineCrsLady and OnlineMythIndia), Diigo, plus Pinterest activity too, all in one stream. You can see an HTML clipping view of the stream embedded in my homepage. I'm displaying the most recent 50 items there; when you scroll down to the bottom you can access the next 50 and so on (those are all features of the customizable HTML clippings from Inoreader).

At the bottom of this page, you can see the most recent items rendered via an RSS gadget here at Google Sites. Google Sites is a really poor environment for embedded content in general, but you can see below the difference between a typical RSS rendering (just short snippets) with linked titles only. Note that the "more posts" link there will also lead you to the HTML clippings view displayed as a free-standing webpage.

Here's how Inoreader makes that possible:

1. I am subscribed to all my blogs, Google+, Twitter, Diigo, and Pinterest Boards either by RSS or by the Inoreader integration with these services. 

2. As content comes into Inoreader from these different sources, a rule automatically assigns a tag to each item, so that the items from all these different sources share the same tag. [Because of problems with the Pinterest feeds, I don't assign the tag automatically for them; instead, I add it manually.]

3. I then activate the tag export feature at Inoreader which makes the tag available via RSS (as in the gadget at the bottom of this page) and also makes the tag available via HTML clippings as at the page.

4. I've also subscribed to the RSS in order to create this Inoreader Bundle: Online Course Lady.

Last updated: 11/23/2014.

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