9. Venue, Accommodation & Travel

Conference Venue: Institut Teknologi Brunei

Institut Teknologi Brunei

How to get there
Brunei's sole airport is Brunei International Airport (BWN), the hub of the national carrier Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA). RBA offers a reasonably comprehensive network, with  flights to/from London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Kota Kinabalu, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Melbourne and Shanghai.

In addition, Singapore Airlines flies 5 times a week from Singapore, Malaysia Airlines flies daily from Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, and AirAsia flies daily from Kuala Lumpur.

Flights between Kuching and Bandar Seri Begawan

For conference participants flying in from Kuching to Bandar Seri Begawan and back, there are two main carriers to choose from; Royal Brunei Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. Return fares vary depending on period of travel. Price per adult passenger and include taxes will be typically around RM500 (approx BND250, or USD200).

Royal Brunei Airlines 
Only one flight per day and does not fly every day. Flights however are direct with no stopovers. Online tickets can be purchased through www.flyroyalbrunei.com.

Malaysia Airlines 
This carrier offers several flights per day in addition to flying every day. However be aware that some flights have stopovers at Bintulu, Mulu or Kota Kinabalu thus increasing travelling time. Online tickets can be purchased through www.malaysiaairlines.com, or www.maswings.com.my/en


There are many hotels in Brunei you can choose from. There are those for the budget conscious and there are those that cost hundreds of Brunei dollars a night. The list below should give an indication of hotel room rates in Brunei. 

The INNS-CIIS 2014 organiser provides a free bus service between the following hotels and the conference venue.

 Hotels Rates Facilities Contacts 
 Grand City HotelSingle / Twin BND 52
Executive BND 100
Free Wi-Fi access at the lobby area, Complimentary airport pickup. http://www.bruneibay.net/
 Star Lodge HotelSingle / Twin BND 70
Deluxe BND 95
Free Wi-Fi access, Breakfast for two.www.theholidaylodge.com
 Kiulap PlazaSuperior Twin BND 80
Deluxe BND 100
Free Wi-Fi access, Breakfast for two. www.kiulap-plaza-hotel.com
 Badi'ah HotelSingle / Twin BND 95
Superior Twin BND 110-130
Executive BND 150-170
Free Wi-Fi access, Breakfast, Free shuttle to and from airport

You can book the hotel room  yourself or if you wish, we can do it for you. For any help in booking of rooms or inquiries, please email to Mr. Wong Pong-Kit <pongkit.wong@itb.edu.bn>. Please include the following information in your email.
  • First and last name of guest(s)
  • Tentative arrival and departure dates
  • Your contact numbers (please include country code)
** 1 USD = 1.25 BND
Notes: if you want to cancel the booking, please email Mr. Wong at least 1 week before the event date.

Visa requirements
All foreign nationals entering Brunei Darussalam must have visas obtainable from any Brunei Darussalam diplomatic missions abroad except the following countries with whom Brunei Darussalam has visa arrangements.
Countries, which have visa arrangements with Brunei Darussalam:
Australia* 30 Days (Visa on Arrival)
Austria 90 Days
Bahrain 14 Days (Visa on Arrival)
Belgium 90 Days
Bulgaria 90 Days
Canada 14 Days
Cambodia 14 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
China 14 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Visa on Arrival (14 Days) Only for genuine tourists handled by Travel Agents while for “Business Visit” need Sponsors or “Counterpart” in Brunei Darussalam.
Cyprus 90 Days
Czech Republic 90 Days
Denmark 90 Days
Egypt 14 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Estonia 90 Days
Finland 90 Days
France 90 Days
Germany 90 Days
Greece 90 Days
Hong Kong 14 Days
Hungary 90 Days
Iceland 30 Days
Indonesia 14 Days
Iran 30 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passports only)
Ireland 90 Days
Italy 90 Days
Japan 14 Days
Kuwait 30 Days (Visa on Arrival)
Latvia 90 Days
Laos 14 Days
Lithuania 90 Days
Luxembourg 90 Days
Malaysia 30 Days
Maldives 14 Days
Myanmar 14 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passport only)
Malta 90 Days
Netherlands 90 Days
New Zealand 30 Days
Norway 30 Days
Oman 30 Days
Pakistan 14 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passport only)
Peru 14 Days
Poland 90 Days
Philippines 14 Days
Portugal 90 Days
Qatar 14 Days (Visa on Arrival)
Russia 14 Days (For Diplomatic and Official Passport only)
Romania 90 Days
Spain 90 Days
Sweden 90 Days
Switzerland 14 Days
Slovenia 90 Days
Singapore 30 Days
Slovakia 90 Days
South Korea 30 Days
Taiwan 14 Days (Visa on Arrival)
Tajikistan 14 Days (For Diplomatic /Official /Service  Passport only)
Thailand 14 Days
The Principality of Liechtenstein 14 Days
Ukraine 30 Days
United Kingdom 90 Days
United States of America 90 Days
United Arab Emirates 30 Days
Vietnam 14 Days