Challenge Platform Focus Areas BP15

Please see below a short overview of KIC Challege Platform strategies for BP15. For more specific questions, please contact Platform Facilitators.


Platform strategies for BP15

Platform facilitator

Industrial Symbiosis (IS)

Focus areas BP15:
  • future feedstocks (raw materials and energy)
  • cross-industry efficiency
  • new products and applications
  • circular economy
See more detail in the IS Focus Areas BP15 document.

Sarah Teller

Sustainable City Systems (SCS)

The main focus area of the SCS platform for BP15 is:

  • resource efficient cities

Please see more detail on the expected project proposals in SCS Focus Areas BP15 document.

Kristine Köhler

Transforming the Built Environment (TBE)

The strategic focus of the TBE platform in 2015 will be on refurbishment.

This will include the following aspects:

  • Economic models to finance massive scale refurbishments (including the identification of the sectors of respective countries building stocks that are to be targeted and how to evaluate them)
  • Refurbishment technologies (disruptive and non-disruptive as long as a massive up-scaling is feasible)
  • Behavioural parameters (tenant involvement to improve acceptance as well as behavioural parameters that interact with the performance of the refurbishment i.e. in line with the platforms overall focus on interaction of technology and socio cultural aspects)

Project ideas and activities should take all three parameters into consideration when applying to the platform.

Anaïs Sägesser

Adaptation Services (AS)

Focus  areas BP15:

  • Climate information - developing (scaling up) relevant usage of climate and climate change information by society and business
  • Adaptation services for different sectors - developing services and products helping various economic sectors adapting to climate change

See more detail in the AS Focus Areas BP15 document.

Andras Hajdu

Land and Water Management for Adaptation (LWEA)

Focus areas BP15:

Please see the LWEA Focus Areas BP15 document.

Madleine van Mansfeld

Bio-Economy (BIO)


Zsolt Gemesi

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (GHG)

 Focus areas BP15:

  • Forestry and agriculture
  • Point sources and fugitive emissions
  • Cities and territories
  • New business models on mitigation
Please see the GHG Focus Areas BP15 document.

Victor Gancel

Making Transitions Happen (MTH)

MTH focus areas for BP15 are:

  • User engagement: This is a key cross-cutting strand for the MTH platform.  The platform will develop a portfolio of models, methods and approaches related to user engagement in different settings e.g. household and community energy schemes, neighbourhood mobility schemes, energy management in commercial and public buildings
  • Finance and Procurement:
    The development of new financial and business models in key areas together with new models of procurement which stimulate innovation 
For more information see MTH Focus Areas BP15 document.

Please send your ideas to the MTH platform assistant Stuart Bowles,, by March 17th for a platform pre-screening. You will be returned a feedback in view of the 30th April submission.

Arianna Cecchi

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