Matthew Brown
Architecture Student, Artist, Musician

My name is Matthew Brown. I am 22 years old and a junior at Clemson University. I grew up just outside of Binghamton NY in a small town called Endwell. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters. Since my brothers and sisters and I are a few years a part I found myself having to keep myself busy in my own creative way. My mom bought me various toy blocks legos lincoln logs etc. to play with. Through these fun "hands on toys" my creative side shined through. As I was getting older I talked to my parents and they said from what they saw of my childhood that architecture would be the best major for me. I plan on graduating with a B.A. in Architecture and a minor in Fine (visual) Arts from Clemson University. Prior to graduating I will be studying abroad in Barcelona. This will truly help in the progression to know the profession and the history of architecture in a more intimate way. After undergraduate studies I would like to go to grad school and try for a Masters degree in Urban planning and find a good job at a successful firm. After a few more years I would like to sit for my exam and become a licensed architect. Having the knowledge of urban planning I would like to go back to my home town and make a creative concept in the renewal and future success of Binghamton. I currently working on a website that will show basic design ideas for creating an "off the grid" living experience. Stay tuned!




































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