Demetrios Christopoulos
Architecture Grad Student, Interior Architecture Graduate

"Problems cannot be solved within the same mindset that created them"    Einstein


Demetrios Christopoulos was born in Athens, Greece, arrived in Ellis Island at 4 1/2 to live the American dream. With a natural inclination towards making advanced subjects accessible, he embarked on everything from unintentionally sinking river rafts; household chemical experiments; moving & talking robots controlled by umbilical cord/wire; to modern day activities in applied design: furniture, lamps, interiors, displays, a four wheeled stabilized motorcycle prototype, 700 pound metal sculpture, and now architecture...expect the unusual!





"I want to harness the highest reaches of the mind for the everyday"





Motoquad. My father had wrecked on a motorcycle in his 20's and gave it up for good, obviously missing it. I thought, what if I could mate the excitement of motorcycling with the stability of a car (better than ATV's do it).



"Why pay for energy when we are showered with it...(solar, gulfsteam, wind, etc.)"          

Universal idea for a nature park  At the time, smitten with my new hobby of bicycling, I thought it possible to counterbalance with weights a person laying in an injected plastic chaise lounge, adding power to make for a human powered elevator. This way exercising to see the sights from up high--sustainable.


"Why live in a box? Do you really turn sharply at 90 degree corners when you walk or move"? 

Kayak-Canoe Park Station  Back to why we live in a box. Life is experienced in 360 degrees. New construction methods allow us to build curvilinear forms. The universe has a radial organization at the macro and micro level (nucleus with electrons in its orbit, sun and planets in orbit.) So would it not be easier to locate the head person of an operation in its core, with peripheral activities in the periphery?



Jacksonville Convention Center  Form was not done for form's sake but rather "form follows function." Buses and semis unload for every show and this manifested as a fluid curvilinear road through the building. Ballroom up top has almost 360 degree view to the city. Other functions harmoniously intertwine into the whole. Harmony does not always come in sharp edges.



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A project for a Sony executive, the inspiration was to simulate as much climbing and exertion from mostly 2D material

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